Operation IT

Banking and Financial

With an economy that seems to be turning around, the Banking and the Financial sector is preparing itself to attract and retain clients, develop new sources of revenue, streamline operations and address risk and regulatory requirements. Banking and Financial institutions face constant challenges to their profitability due to rising operation costs, increased client expectations and fierce competition. In this rebounding economy, the key is to deepen your client relationships and enhance operational efficiency while controlling your costs.

Banks and Financial institutions are looking for ways and means to cautiously, yet increasingly grab their client intimacy. This means increased channel distribution, CRM, and data integrity. They gain a competitive advantage, when they use client analytics to attract them, when they consider a financial purchase. Hence the institutions are more and more concentrating on improving information systems that develop and act on new insights.

OperationIT provides you with reliable and secure systems, robust applications, and IT infrastructure management, to develop profitable client relationships and secure new opportunities to stay ahead of competition. They provide comprehensive, end-to-end, domain-led business process solutions that enable Banking and Financial Services institutions to stay ahead in the face of unprecedented regulation, competition, and change in client profiles.

At OperationIT, you gain access to Financial and Banking experts, apart from a group of technology gurus who have a wealth of experience in:

  • Consumer and Commercial Banking
  • Cards Services
  • Asset, Wealth and Portfolio Management
  • Investment Banking and Brokerage
  • Trading and Security Services
  • Consumer Lending and Mortgages
  • Risk and Compliance

Some of the areas that our technology solutions are geared towards are:

  • Information Risk and Compliance Management
  • Financial Application Development and Packaged Application Implementation
  • Portal technology and Single Sign On
  • Data Quality Management
  • Client Insight and Data Analytics
  • Trading and Banking Infrastructure and Exchange Connectivity Management
  • Virtual and Mobile Banking
  • Trading Systems, Trade processing and back office applications
  • Trusted Cloud Computing
  • Cybersecurity