Operation IT

Digital Commerce

With evolving world of digital technology, businesses are not waiting for clients to come to them any longer. They reach out themselves, and engage at every conceivable touch-point. They're embracing the digital commerce revolution, empowering consumers to create and control their own experience whether it be offline, or from their desktop, tablet or phone.

Digital Commerce has radically changed the way business is conducted. With increased global growth opportunities, comes the challenge of serving geographically dispersed clients, suppliers, and employees efficiently.

However, Digital commerce is a part of the overall business strategy for your brand. At OperationIT we are committed to ensuring your ecommerce success with a comprehensive suite of platforms, solutions and services that are designed to guide you every step of the way, from initial strategy and planning through the implementation of your digital commerce portal and ongoing support. We'll work with you to implement ecommerce best-practices in site design, merchandising, analytics, interactive marketing and more.

The primary components of OperationIT’s Digital Commerce Solutions include:

  • Developing a comprehensive multi-year digital commerce strategy and roadmap to continuously drive revenue across all channels. This will also include, thought leadership engagements, Forecasting, solution architectures, stakeholder presentations of various platforms/solutions available and recommendations.
  • Platform deployment, customization and Integration. This will also include developing the Presentation Layer, Systems Integration, Server-Side Architectures / Open APIs / Web Services, Enterprise Integrations with ERPs, Retail Systems, Fulfillment Centers, Order Management Systems, Payment Providers. OperationIT also works with leading Digital Platform partners in areas of Personalization, Dynamic Imaging, Video, SEO, Affiliates, Hosting and Application Delivery including Public and Private cloud services and Static / Dynamic Global Content Delivery Networks (CDNS).
  • Building a reporting and analytics framework to deliver actionable, real-time intelligence about online strategies and marketing initiatives, helping you quickly identify the most profitable paths through their website, determine where visitors are navigating away from their site, and identify critical success metrics for various marketing channels.
  • Production support to address any issue that surface post implementation; brainstorm a feature improvement and more. This ensures a completely seamless delivery system regardless of the origin of an issue.
  • We also offer a full scale documentation and training to ensure that that all of your employees – ecommerce managers, web developers, application developers and IT – have access to the appropriate skill-building learning when they need it.