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Mobility Services

The world has more than a billion of Internet-connected mobile device users and tens of billions of connected consumer electronic devices. This rapid propagation of mobile technology allows for faster, cost-effective, enhanced-capability devices. This also places demands on decision makers in taking the right steps to leverage this technology to drive their business results. OperationIT delivers a multitude of solutions for clients to harness the opportunities that mobility presents. These include Advisory and Strategy services for mobile-based business solutions, mobile technology services (mobile application development and maintenance, mobile UI and UX design and build, mobile testing services), and industry-specific mobility solutions.

Our Mobility Services:

1. OperationIT Mobility Advisory & Strategy

  • Assess your Enterprise and overall business environment
  • How to use Mobility as a Strategic Business Differentiator
  • Mobile communication strategy with employees, partners and clients
  • Technical and Security Assessment for Mobility
  • Strategies for BYOD rollout
  • Strategies for Centers of Mobility Excellence

2. OperationIT Mobility Technology

  • Mobile Applications Development and Maintenance
    • Enterprise Applications Mobile Enablement (ERP, SCM, CRM, HCM etc.)
    • Mobile Field Force
    • Lifestyle Applications – End User Consumer Driven
    • Multiple Platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry)
  • Mobile Data Accessibility, Security and Privacy
  • Mobile Testing

3. OperationIT Industry-Specific Mobility (Some Examples)

  • Mobile accessibility to Key patient information for Practitioners – Life Sciences
  • Mobile Banking and Mobile Trading – Financial and Investment
  • Mobile Content Reading and Mobile Advertising – Media, Publishing and Marketing
  • Mobile Order Management and Client Service – Retail/CPG
  • Mobile Field Force – Telecom and Energy/Utilities
  • Mobile Transportation and Warehouse Management and Tracking – Supply Chain

Key Drivers for OperationIT’s Mobility Services

1. Performance
2. Business Value
3. Regulatory and Corporate Standards
4. Data Privacy and Security
5. User Experience
6. Availability

 Mobility Solutions