Operation IT

Software License Compliance & Optimization

It is rightly said: “There is only one thing worse than being audited by a software vendor and finding yourself out of compliance – and that’s allowing it to happen again after a few years down the line.”

OperationIT’s licensing management practice has deep experience in assisting you in establishing and implementing compliance programs with the objective of clarifying your current license compliance position. This provides an opportunity for you to remediate the license position and gain greater clarity as to your requirements going forward.

We deliver quick financial wins to your business by ensuring you’re enrolled in Software License agreements that are aligned with your usage and business requirements, and take advantage of every possible point of leverage within your organization.
Unlike software resellers, OperationIT provides advice and recommendations that are completely independent of any vendors or organizations. We have no vested interest or conflicts of interest when it comes to your licensing agreements. We analyze and study license of products from software vendors such as IBM, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and Adobe.

Software licensing is extremely complex and has numerous exceptions. It is easy to get stranded, and be prone to error while taking stock. We know how confusing it can be to understand the terms of an enterprise license agreement, many of which are ambiguous and misleading. Over the years, product vendors such as Oracle, SAP and Microsoft have made a number of products and acquisitions. These have resulted in numerous pricelists, wide array of licensing possibilities, and extended definitions.

With years of experience in this field, OperationIT clarifies the complexity simplifies the terms and conditions, thus getting you a step closer to be able to take control and organize your licensing.

To help you navigate the muddy waters, we’ll stay by your side during vendor negotiations, leverage all associated benefits of the agreement, and achieve the optimal outcome in your new software contract, thus possibly saving you dollars.

Operation IT engages in:

  • Clarifying the mystically complex Software Licensing Landscape for its clients
  • Examining and determining their true Software Usage and Deployment situation
  • Analyzing the situation to provide an accurate assessment of the current compliance status; and
  • Develop a strategy to economically reconcile any discrepancies.

OperationIT presents optimized cost structures to reduce any avoidable annual fees, and offers alternative licensing mixes with different license types, product editions, and licensing metrics.

Our four step methodology includes:

  • Current Software Asset/Licensing Analysis
  • TCO/ROI and Compliance Analysis
  • License Optimization and Cost Savings Recommendations
  • Contract Negotiation Assistance